Forest District Gubin was created from three independent units, (so called "little forest districts"): Chlebowo, Gubin and Jasienica. In its current organisation state the Forest District exists since 1 January 1973. The territorial scope of the Forest District is 38,633 ha. Its overall area is 21,508 ha and its forest area 21,007 ha. The forestation of the area reaches 54.7%.


In 1286 the town of Gubin made a trade transaction that benefited the town and its growth for centuries, becoming its main source of income. The residents of Gubin have bought the Tholmer village, together with all its rights, outbuildings and adjacent land, from Henry the Illustrious. Although the village had been destroyed by the Husites, it was surrounded by valuable forests and meadows. The village was located around present-day Dzikowo, 8 km east of Gubin. Over the centuries, the purchase of the land proved to be a more and more valuable investment. It was a beginning of municipal forest growing on picturesque hills. The purchase was a well-founded move as the town could only expand to the east then (other directions were managed by monasteries).

Forest district arrangement

The Forest District is basic, independent organizational entity of the State Forests working pursuant to the Forest Act. It is subordinated to Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Zielona Góra, which supervises and coordinates all the actions within its territory.

Projects and funds

"Promotion of Crossborder Cooperation of Gubin Forest District and Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt" was a project carried out by Gubin Forest District in 2014. The partner from Saxony was Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (District Forest Office) located in Kametz.


Gubin Forest District co-operates with Landratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt (County Forest Office) from Saxony (Germany). The headquarter of the project partner Landsratsamt Bautzen Kreisforstamt is located in Kamenz. Further information can be found here.